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Number of emergency department treated injuries and illnesses among workers aged 15 years and older attributed to assaults and violent acts by person(s) (BLS Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System (OIICS) code 61) (see Comments)


Average annual hours at work for workers aged 15 years and older


An estimated 121,000 workers were treated in hospital emergency departments for work-related assaults in 2007. Work-related assaults can occur in any job setting, but are especially common in jobs that involve interaction with the public. Most work-related violence is associated with crime, such as robbery, and violence from clients, customers, or patients. Workplaces factors can be modified to reduce or eliminate work-related assaults.

A revised OIICS system will be used for 2011 data. Although there will be changes in the OIICS numbering system and structure, it is anticipated that comparable data will be available in 2011 and later.


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