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This indicator contains National data.

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DimensionDimension ValueStateCounty/HRR20052006200720082009
TotalTotalNational 81.9%82.8%83.3%83.7%84.6%
AgeAged <18 yearsNational 90.0%89.0%89.0%90.0%89.0%
AgeAged 18-44 yearsNational 81.0%81.0%82.0%83.0%83.0%
AgeAged 45-64 yearsNational 81.0%83.0%83.0%83.0%85.0%
AgeAged 65 years and overNational 82.0%83.0%83.0%84.0%85.0%
SexMaleNational 81.0%82.0%83.0%83.0%84.0%
SexFemaleNational 83.0%84.0%84.0%85.0%86.0%
Race/EthnicityWhite onlyNational 82.0%83.0%83.0%83.0%84.0%
Race/EthnicityBlack or African American onlyNational 83.0%83.0%86.0%85.0%86.0%
Race/EthnicityAmerican Indian or Alaska Native onlyNational 82.0%82.0%84.0%84.0%83.0%
Race/EthnicityAsian onlyNational 80.0%83.0%82.0%84.0%84.0%
Race/EthnicityNative Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander onlyNational 88.0%81.0%80.0%82.0%90.0%
Race/EthnicityHispanic or LatinoNational 82.0%82.0%81.0%80.0%83.0%
Race/EthnicityWhite only, non-HispanicNational 84.0%85.0%85.0%87.0%87.0%
Race/EthnicityBlack or African American only, non-HispanicNational 83.0%83.0%86.0%86.0%86.0%
Country of BirthBorn in USNational 84.0%84.0%85.0%86.0%87.0%
Country of BirthBorn outside of USNational 81.0%82.0%82.0%82.0%83.0%
OtherPeople incarcerated in prisonNational 66.0%67.0%66.0%61.0%65.0%
OtherPeople not incarcerated in prisonNational 83.0%83.0%84.0%85.0%85.0%
OtherPeople in long-term care nursing home facilityNational 84.0%85.0%79.0%84.0%84.0%
OtherPeople not in long-term care nursing home facilityNational 82.0%83.0%83.0%84.0%85.0%
OtherHIV-infectedNational 74.0%73.0%74.0%74.0%77.0%
OtherNot HIV-infectedNational 84.0%85.0%86.0%86.0%86.0%
OtherHIV-infection status not reportedNational 82.0%83.0%85.0%85.0%85.0%
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Data statistically unreliable.
Estimate was not calculated for this year or population group.
Data not collected, analyzed, or applicable for a particular population group.
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Confidence interval. 95% interval unless otherwise noted in indicator overview.
Standard error. Provided when confidence interval is not available.
  • Data are subject to revision and may have changed since a previous release.
  • Unless noted otherwise, any age-adjusted data are adjusted using the year 2000 standard population.